“The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering.” 
- Benjamin Spock


VigilintsHeart is our program that has been designed to bring and keep families together.  Our software, services, content, and recommended apps, games, and products are all carefully curated to provide busy parents with easy and vetted tools to raise their children. 

VigilintsHeart cares about families and our goal is to use our understanding of technology, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, G4 Mobile technology to help bring and keep families together.  Research  now more than ever proves that children who are raised by caring and involved adults thrive.  Children who feel they enjoy their parents attention grow up to be emotionally and intellectually healthy adults that enjoy their busy lifestyle.  

Knowing that parent child interaction is the most important key factor of raising healthy and thriving kids Vigilints Heart is committed to foster this important aspect of ourselves with everything we do. 

We help parents save money when they shop online through our Shop Save Donate program.  We plan to donate money to school teachers that go directly to the class room through our micro donations all around the country. 

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We provide smart watches that link parents to their children through the convenient family assistance app. With Vigilints families are connected 24/7.  Busy parents, traveling parents, and divorced parents who want to be able to fully participate in their children's lives. 

How it works: 

Vigilint Biosensors' parental assistant is incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your child's data from smartwatches, crowd data (including family, classmates etc.) and organizations (school, church etc.) to provide parents with 'actionable alerts'. More than just know where your children are: you can know if they should be there, who they are with and the closest person who can help. The Vigilint system consists of:

  •  Vigilints™ Family Assistant Services - a monthly service providing parents data collection/processing, GPS, cell service and alerts from the cloud.
  •  Smartwatches - digital watches with parental controlled phones, sensors, communications and UI for kid's apps.
  •  Family Assistant Mobile App (iOS/Android) - with parent dashboard for child location, safety alerts and family coordination.

Vigilint provides complete product including integrated phone SIM and no contract Voice/Data/Text service, allowing parents and child to focus on interaction and not technology. Vigilint is also, step by step, integrating family community touch points including online school portals, church information, sport league information and all child activities.

Additionally find the latest research on child rearing, child development science, and popular trends for games, toys, and activities conveniently researched and presented in short articles. 

Together we can enjoy these precious years and prepare our kids for a bright future.