Vigilint Family Assistant Mobile App QR Code for hawkeye


Scan this QR code with your mobile phone to download the Vigilint Family Assistant App for the hawkeye smart watch phones. If you have already downloaded and installed the app from the instructions included with your watch phone it is not needed to scan and install again here. This QR code supports both iOS and Android versions of the app. The Vigilint Family Assistant App supports iOS 7 and higher or Android 5.5 and higher.

You can also go directly to the iTunes App Store or Google Play App Store directly to download.  Just search on "Vigilint Family Assistant".

Once the app is downloaded, click "install" and follow the instructions.

The Vigilint Family Assistant app is required to connect with the child smart watch phone and the cloud services to assist the parent or caregiver to monitor, safeguard, encourage and communicate with all of their children.

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