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Most of a child’s day involves school activities. Schools are no longer a protected area to allow children to safely learn. School shootings, bullying and technology use at schools make parenting more difficult than ever. Vigilints' hawkeye smartwatch phone and Family Assistant software services are dedicated to your child’s protection, encouragement and communication combined with responsible and safe use of technology by our children. For more information about our Family Assistant, Click Here

Vigilint Biosensors is dedicated to improving the quality of care that parents and caregivers can provide their children through a complete 360o intelligent Family Assistant which collects data and connects family members together via devices like the hawkeye smartwatch phone

Since Vigilints is concerned about children and provides technology to protect them, we are implementing Educational Programs to both promote the use of smartwatches and provide children with the understanding of how to use technology in a safe and responsible manner. These programs are currently being initiated all over the country. Click here to read the press release for San Ramon, California.

For all purchases using the coupon code below, Vigilint Biosensors will donate to the nearest school program for use in their school safety and their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Educational programs.

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To ensure donation use Coupon Code - CCLF2018vSafe (at checkout)

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