Tweens challenge us. They have a greater need for independence and we need to support this, they often start pushing boundaries – we need to set them, they negotiate for every more freedoms and larger budgets. They listen to their peers more than us and yet, they need us more than ever.

This is typically the time for parents when we begin see the beautiful cute children slip away and instead we meet the newly forming young person. Tweens are emotional happy one minute and angry the next. They get profoundly sad one moment and giddily happy the next.

They are funny and so very cute. They challenge our own and their belief system. This is the time when we need to give ever more freedoms and stand our ground when it is important. We need to guide and help them without being controlling and overbearing.

This is also the time when all the years of parenting we did, all things we told them, all the way we treated them comes back to us. If we succeeded in raising kids with elevated executive functions we will be rewarded by having rather reasonable and rationale kids.

This is the time when we benefit from established modes of communication. When kids know on their own whether they did the right or the wrong thing and when we get to rationally explain to them over and over why we want them to this or not that. It is also a time when they prepare themselves to function on their own, without our interference and often without our input.  

It is a magic time and most parents greatly enjoy this time with their kids when they learn about the ways of the world, the new world and how our future will look like. Kids are our future and the more we prepare and foster and support them, the more we will enjoy our relationship with them.