The Importance of fostering Executive Functions in Children



One of the most important developments to help a child thrive is to focus on developing and expanding a child’s executive function. When a child masters their own emotions they get along with others, they are able to focus on learning, they are able to enjoy life. They thrive as children and later on as adults.

Children who rank high in executive functions tend to thrive because they are able to cope with whatever situation they are faced with. When the child needs to take a turn, the child needs to be able to be mentally flexible, they need to be able to self-regulate their feelings - meaning they need to be in charge of their own behavior and have the ability to regulate their own emotional reactions.

Kids who are able to think thing through are able to set and meet goals. They don’t get overwhelmed as easily and they don’t suffer from temper tantrums or emotional melt downs. Therefore, they enjoy life, make friendships easier than children who suffer from lack of this abilities. They will be able to focus on learning, resulting in better grades and a more productive life. These skills are core skills needed to create throughout their lives. Employers pro-actively seek out employees who have these leadership qualities. These skills affect the physiological development of the child and that is why iti s important to start them out early.


Enjoy the Harvard Research Video that explains why it is important to your children to develop better executive functions.