Vigilints Heart Recommendations: Harry Potter Coding Kit by Kano

Sign up for the Vigilints Heart Shop Save Donate program and visit Best Buys, which has a steep discount recommended kids toys by Kano. Recommended by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, no less. Your child will be provided with simple steps on how to build a Harry Potter Coding Wand. While connecting the buttons, bits, and boards, the child receives a wonderful education about how computers and computer programs work. Recommended for kids age 7+.

Vigilints Heart Recommendations: Kids learn to code with PipercomputerKits

By building and using technology kids become emotionally familiar and comfortable with machines. Instead of feeling helpless they realize that they can fix things themselves. Additionally, kids develop their hand - eye coordination, which is located in an important area of their brain.

The Piper Computer Kit 2018 Edition teaches kids about computers and other electronic hardware components. They get to use the Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition video game and learn basic coding.

Teaching kids to code with new toys

Bitsbox vision is to help kids, parents, and teachers learn to be the best coders they can be.The company was started by two Googlers. They are located in Boulder, Colorado. Although the company is only a few years old they have over 1 Million children who code via their platform and subscriptions. One of the parents, Brandon Seils, New York, stated: "My kids spent 6 hours playing with Bitsbox last night. They've been playing with Scratch and, but they felt that this was much cooler and loved the fact they were writing real code." Learn more about the company and where to get the products by visiting:

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