anda 4G Smartwatch for Kids
The anda 4G LTE kids smartwatch phone with the Vigilints™ Family Assistant monthly service helps parents Communicate, Encourage and Safeguard their children. The combination helps a parent and child communicate, uses GPS to inform parents of...
hawkeye Smartwatch Insurance Plan
per month (12 month minimum) A hawkeye watch 12-month insurance plan coverage which covers: Cracked ScreensSpills & Liquid SubmersionAccidental Damage (Drops)Theft & VandalismFire, Flood & Natural DisastersPower Surge By Lightning With the...
hawkeye USB 5-pin Magnetic Charging Cord
The USB 5-Pin Type A Cable connects your hawkeye kids smartwatch to an AC wall charger or other charging device that uses a 5-pin Type A connector, such as a wall outlet or car outlet etc. This cable is designed and manufactured to USB specifications to...
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hawkeye is a child GPS Tracker wrist watch with a phone app for the parent, designed to create a safe environment for any child. Gain peace of mind knowing exactly where your child is every moment of the day!
hawkeye Smartwatch
The hawkeye smartwatch phone with the Vigilints™ Family Assistant monthly service help parents Protect, Communicate and Encourage their children. A hawkeye smartwatch phone provides parental controlled cell phone, GPS location monitoring,...
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