The world is growing closer each day. Most nations are now nations of immigrants and everyone has their own special tradition of how to celebrate the holidays.

Enjoy your own tradition and have your children's friends share their family traditions

Share your own family photos with your kids.  Include them in your tradition and tell stories about the olden days.  Then make them aware that it is their turn now and they are now creating their stories. What they do now they will tell be able to tell their kids and grandkids in the future.

Invite their friends to participate in your holiday preparations and traditions and work together with other parents to have your kids join in their families’ traditions.  Together our kids and their friends are able to widen their cultural horizon, enjoy many delicious treats, work together on gift giving. 

Helping a non-profit to collect and share toys, food, or creating decorations for them, will open their minds to our communities and the way other people live.  Exposing them the concept that not everyone is equally well to do, helps them to become aware and compassionate. 

When we encourage our kids to share, share stories about other kids who are helping out in the many different ways, exposing them to many types of cultural traditions will help them grow up to become well adjusted, compassionate, and culturally aware adults.

When you are away from your precious children you can stay in touch with them digitally and share your stories with them via our family app and Vigilints kids smartwatches.