Brio is a hundred forty-year old toy company. The company is focused on providing kids with safe toys that allow families to create entire villages right at home. There are trains, planes, trees, roads, road signs, roller coasters, bushes, gates, tunnels, men and women figures.

The ability to recreate a family, a walk to school, re-enactment of a journey is helpful for kids, parents and caregivers to mimic scenes from real life. It will allow kids to make sense of their surroundings, and it is a wonderful way for parents to learn how their kids perceive their family life and the way the family communicates with each other.  They can practice playing mom and dad and kids, neighbors and storekeepers, builders, transportation experts, bakers, and horse trainers, and first responders.  Real neighborhoods can easily be shaped and scenes can be enacted from busy city living or life at country estates. 

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Role playing provides a wonderful way for parents to guide the children on how to resolve conflict, find new ways to express their feelings. Additionally, children learn about engineering, measurements, balance, propulsion, and it is a wonderful way for them to explore the world around them.

It is a great way to introduce a plethora of new words and concepts into their vocabulary. With the holidays coming up, we recommend that you give your children digital gifts by Vigilints and also continue to enjoy the “real” world with gifts from tried and proven toy companies like, Brio.

After practicing different scenarios in the imaginary world of your Brio toy villages, you can remind your kids of how to deal with real life situation when you are away from them.  To support the VigilintsHeart Shop Save Donate program. 

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