Parenting is one our life's greatest joys. Vigilints wants to support you and provide tools and content to make parenting easier.

There are some key concepts we embrace and we hope you find our services, products, tools and content helpful.

Parenting children is a joy when there exists a deep trust between kids and parents. Fostering this trust is based on consistent parent/child interactions.  That is what we are all about.  We keep families connected - digitally - 24/7. 

You love your kids and want to be there for them throughout their lives. With Vigilints you are able to do that digitally, which improves physical and emotional health and it has a myriad of benefits for you and your children.  Feel free to browse our content often as we explain.

Child Development Research found that closeness which fosters and is based on mutual trust helps kids to seek you out for help and advice.  When you can count on each other, your and your children's stress levels goes down.  We live in an ever faster world and now the digital tools we provide will help you cope and thrive. 

Vigilints is here to help you on this journey.  We will feature some of the most advanced knowledge from experts and universities around the world so you have them at your finger tip through our Family Assistant App