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11+ Kids exercise regime help both cognitive functions and research shows it prevents injury

Exercise has many healthy benefits, team sports teaches collaboration, winning spirit, and sportsmanship. And, all exercises are not created equal. 11+ Kids exercises are different. They were clinically tested and it was found they prevent injury while also improving cognitive function. Kids love them because they are fun. 

Exercise is healthy for a myriad of reasons:

Physical benefit of exercise include

Emotional benefits of exercise include:

  • healthy hormones growth
  • decreased symptoms of depression
  • improved the metabolism
  • decreased symptoms of anxiety
  • improved body fat control
  • more friendships
  • improved bone strength
  • better social skills
  • increased flexibility
  • fosters self-reliance
  • improved muscle stability and balance
  • improved mood
  • improved hand / eye coordination
  • more joy and fun
  • lowered blood pressure
  • improved academic achievement
  • lowered blood cholesterol levels
  • improved self confidence
  • stronger hearts
  • improved self esteem
  • Several organizations Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands were invited to participate in the test. The Clubs were randomized and kids 7 to 12 were invited. To make sure the data was correct there was an intervention group and a control group. The teams were followed for an entire season. (1)

    The intervention group replaced their usual warm-up by ‘11+ Kids’, whereas the rest warmed up as usual. The goal was to establish the overall risk of soccer related injuries and also to find out how to avoid the risks of severe and leg, ankle and foot injuries. Everything was calculated for maximum accuracy using scientific methods (Cox Model).

    The test result were conclusive. Kids who used the 11+ Kids method or warm ups had many fewer injuries, improved cognitiv function, and the enjoyed the work outs much more. The method which is designed to warm up the muscles and teach kids to pay attention with their mind and body, also had great result on the soccer field. Kids felt empowered and the fact they had fewer injuries brought them a more enjoyable experience overall. Parents felt better as well, since they experienced less stress.

    Since more than 4,000 kids (age range: 7-12) had an impressive injury reduction of about 50% in those teams that used the 11+ Kids as a warm-up, FIFA started to recommend this method of training to all kids. Both on and off the field the injuries were reduced beteen 41 to 56 percent. (3)

    Support the implementation of injury prevention via the FIFA 11+ in children playing soccer and share this YouTube channel with your kids team parents and coaches.

    2) Learn more by contacting Roland Rössler the author of the study
    3) FIFA recommended kids training