VigilintsHeart Shop, Save, Donate program features Veteran's Day Sales and Heavy Discounts for bookings on

Today there are sales for Thanksgiving Hotel reservation that may be helpful later this month.  Additionally there are amazing savings available for Veteran's Day, November 11, 2018.  Some of the sales are between 30% to 60% off. 

The VigilintsHeart Shop, Save, Donate program allows you to shop through our portal.  You save and the retailers pay us a tiny percentage for our recommendations.  This money is collected and after we pay for the operation of the VigilintsHeart Shop Save Donate portal that reaches well over 1000 major and smaller retailers on your behalf - we donate the rest to schools. 

Together we can.  The more participating shoppers we reach who use the platform, the more we money we collect to donate to our schools.   Please go to this link VigilintsHeart Shop Save Donate program and sign up, your participation will help our schools.  You shop and save, we donate to the schools.  Thank you for your consideration. 

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