Have you started your kids' holiday wish list?

Electric Cars lead a popular trend for children's holiday gifts.

When checking for popular wish list trends this year we found that cars for kids are favorites all the way around. Fortunately, the have come down in price substantially from the several thousand dollars they cost 10 years ago. Additionally, our Vigilints Heart Shop Save Donate Program provides steep sales from your favorite store. It is easy, sign up, go to your favorite store, save. When you check out form the Vigilints Heart portal you receive an additional small savings that you can check everytime you log in.

Our partner Loyalty Superstore tracks these additional savings from all the shoppers and provides Vigilints Heart with 75% of a matched amount for our school donation. Together we can help our teachers and our kids.

The  Vigilints Heart - Shop, Save, Donate Program is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

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