Vigilints Heart - How to prepare for summer

Vigilints Heart - How to prepare for summer

Vigilints Heart - How to prepare for summer

Summer is around the corner and now is a good time to start making plans for the kids.

Summer can be a wonderful time for relaxation and personal growth. There are ways to make summer magical while also dealing with the realities of life. Remember life is a balancing act.

There are many things to consider and here are some tips of how to feel prepared for this wonderful time of the year.

Here are some ideas compiled for you:

  • Rest and Relaxation

The school year are so busy and kids are scheduled out sometimes a bit too much. If you are at home with the kids or if they are with a nanny, make sure your kids take time out for entirely unscheduled time in the beginning of their holiday. They may complain about being bored, but this time will allow them to remember who they are, allows them to get in touch with themselves.

One way to make the time a bit more fun for them is to suggest that if they are bored it is okay, since they are on holiday and literally don't "have to" do anything. They are free to do "nothing" for a change of pace. They can play, create art, write poems, take in their favorite movie, or simply do "nothing." They can sleep, play ball on the lawn, go to trips to the library, anything at all.

The key is for them to become self aware and realize that they have choices and options. This is how we help them discover their own personal likes and dislikes. They may discover their own life long passions this way. Encourage them to come up with their own unique and personal ideas.

Vigilints Heart - Your Summer Explorer Adventures

Vigilints Heart - Your Summer Explorer Adventures

  • Turn into explorers

Summer are a great time to learn about local history. You or your nanny can take the kids to the children's theatre, to an art museum, to a historical site, a walk in the park, watch people go by on the local square. This will help your kids with a sense of connectedness a feeling of home.

  • Main Attraction for the Summer

Now is a great time to start to browse the internet or brochures to learn about different summer camps. There are so many types of camps available. Space camps, Acting camps, Nature Preserves, Swimming lessons, marshal arts intensives, book clubs, star gazing, raising butterflies, looking for frogs, and going to the zoo. Start reading, searching and look at some videos together about the various activities that are available. It may take your childre a few more weeks to settle in on an idea that is appealing. Make sure you get your reservations soon, since you don't want them to take too much time and then miss out after they chose an activity.

  • Teach them to follow their passion.

Kids are inquisitive by nature and they have their own likes and dislikes. Don't be surprised if they pick something that you find icky, boring, scary and have a difficult time to relate to. This is their time to try new things and learn about their own likes and dislikes. For their own good make them choose and teach them about commitment. Don't let them quit early but make sure they understand that this is the agreement. This will allow you to help them through the initial apprehension every child feels when they try something new.

  • Family Outings

Plan your family trip are planning some time abroad, in the US, or in the state for a family holiday. If f you happen to plan to enjoy your own neighborhood this year without travel, you can make staying home very exciting. Explore and take day trips and pretend you are tourists who want to really get to know and enjoy the town. Being with the entire family for a time out - away from the day to day duties - will feel like a holiday even if you stay in town. Go visit a beach and explore like a family on the holiday. Go places you never go to because you don't have time and always have been curious about. Perhaps each of you can come p with a special destination or activity and you enjoy it as a family.

Keeping the family together and supporting each other's passion will create a deeper bond and create many longtime happy memories you will cherish for years to come. The kids will be hyper alert during the holidays and they will talk about the experiences will into adulthood.

Vigilints Heart - How to prepare for the summer

Vigilints Heart - How to prepare for the summer

  • Plenty of Fresh Air and Exercise

Kids need physical activity and fresh air. Actually we all do. Keeping you kids fit over the summer is a healthy thing to strive for and it will keep their spirits up and grow their brains.Helping the kids maintain a healthy physical activity level can be achieved at the parks, outdoors places and you will want to make it a regular routine of life. This way when they return to school they will be energetic and fit. This in turn boosts their self esteem and their mood. And, while they are home for the holidays you and your partner will enjoy having a bit of private time for yourself. Tired kids sleep better and sooner. A benefit for the entire family.

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