How to entertain kids when you are too busy

Crayola colors provide hours of fun

The expectation for the holiday season is that everyone is jolly. This means moms are even busier than in the rest of teh year. And, kids are excited and at home more. Great combination! How can a parent cope?

It is not so hard. Engage the kids to help create a jolly seasons for everyone. Here are some afternoon activities that they will enjoy.

Take turns with other moms to invite their friends to participate in your holiday preparations. Have paper, water colors, crayons, pencils ready, and scissors ready. Create theme ideas. Encourage them to create a painting of their favorite moment during the year as a gift for grandma's refrigerator. Tell them that their best out of seven paintings will get framed for the wall in the hallway.

This fine holiday tradition will keep them busy and engaged. By sharing their art with their friends they are able to entertain each other with conversation, jokes and songs. This creates time for mom to bake cookies, finish a gift idea she created, and to join in the fun.

By taking turns with four other moms, each mom frees up three afternoons to run errands.

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