For your child to have a bright and economically stable future, education plays an increasingly larger role.  Your own socio-economic background may have an effect on your child’s educational achievements, but it does not determine your child’s chances for success.

The recent PISA study which measures educational performances and trends all around the world shows that when a country is focused on raising the educational standards all children’s chances can improve. During the Bush and Obama years, both leaders who we supportive of education, the US educational system became measurably more equitable, without lowering educational achievement for advanced students. The study proved that equity in education is not fixed. With the right policies and practices the impact of socio-economic status on student performance does not have to be a significant factor.

However, during the Trump / Dubois years, many of the hard work by Bush and Obama are dismantled in support of privatized expensive schools that are not required to actually educate children.   Therefore, parents need to be on guard and very involved in their own children’s education and educational achievements. Fortunately, in the digital world there are a lot of opportunities how to foster children regardless of their learning styles.

Educational achievements are often based on two core factors. One, the child needs to study and most importantly be interested in learning new things. Parents can foster this by allowing the child to be curious about their surroundings and by exposing the child to new experiences, whether in person, through books or through movies. Children are able to pursue their own interests if their curiosity is fostered and quenched with knowledge. The other core factor is self-confidence. Children who know that is okay to ask questions and to find the answers will be likely be more interesting to their peers. They will entertain adults around them with their inquisitiveness and knowledge. They will garner praise and admiration from kids and adults alike. As a result, they will feel more confident.

Support your child by providing answers to their questions if you don’t have the answers yourself join them in their quest to find out. Search the internet, go to the library, look it up in the encyclopedia, ask an expert and visit a location where they can find someone who is actively involved and interested in their favorite topic.   It is fun, it will make family life enjoyable and most importantly your kids will learn to love learning. Once they love to learn they will take it from there. Whatever you do, don’t rely merely on the teachers and other kids to teach your child that education is important. Their future lifestyle will be directly related to their ability to land a well-paying job. The educational level is directly related to their future income. Love of learning is one important key to their future success.