Purchase & Availability

How do I purchase 2 or more at the same time have them be different colors?

You can go use any “shop” button on www.vigilint.store to access page to add to cart. Then place first choice in cart. Repeat with your 2nd choice. Your cart should then have both watches along with 2 monthly service plans. At this point if you have completed your shopping continue to checkout.

If I purchase one watch now and then another later will they still be connected through the same App?

Yes. A new Vigilint watch can be added at any time.

Once I have placed an order when should I expect delivery? And can I track it?

Estimate delivery times are 7-10 business days. At this time once you place an order a shipping confirmation number will be emailed to you.

Are these watches only sold in the U.S.?


What forms of payment are accepted?

E-check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal.

Can the watches be purchased through any other websites?

Not at this time.

Is there a contract commitment?

No. The monthly service plan is on a month to month basis and be cancelled by you at anytime.

hawkeye Smartwatch Phone

General Questions

Location/GPS Questions

Does the watch alert the parent of the child's location quietly? In other words will the watch alert the parent without the child's knowledge or notify the parent in a manner that does not alert the child?

Yes, when a location alert is sent to the parent/caregiver’s phone there is no notification to the child.

What is the effective locator range of the watch, and approximately how accurate is it? Within a few feet or yards?

The watch location can be located anywhere in the U.S. no matter the distance between parent/caregiver and child. Accuracy ranges from 3 meters to 600+ meters depending upon GPS reception, cell reception, cell tower location and WiFi coverage.

Will this GPS track the last place the child was?

The GPS tracker will keep a history log of everywhere the watch/child has been.

Without a SIM card, is it still track able by parent’s app? What features are and are not available without a SIM card?

No. Included with the Vigilint smartwatch phone is a preinstalled SIM card that is required for all functions to work.

How often does the GPS update?

Every 1 to 30 minutes.

How is the watch tracked by GPS?

The watch is tracked by more than just the GPS. GPS means “GEO positioning satellite”. The watch has a chip that communicates with those satellites to give out latitude and longitude which Vigilint converts to an address. The watch also uses Cell Towers and WiFi hotspots as locators.

How reliable is the tracking of the GPS?

This is a complicated question. Factors that affect reliability are the reception of the GPS/Cell/WiFi signals, weather, where you are, time of year and proximity to cell towers/WiFi. In general reliability is very good with the previous exceptions.

Watch Questions

What’s inside the package/box?

The smartwatch phone comes with a preinstalled sim card, charging cord, wall plug, user guide and a 'Setup Numbers Card'. This card is VERY IMPORTANT since it has all of the information related to identifying your watch. PLEASE KEEP IN A SAFE PLACE.

Are these new or refurbished?

New. If you believe that you have recieved a watch which is not new or damaged, please contact customer support.

Are the watches water proof? Splash proof?

While designed and built to be rugged, highly water-resistant and dust-resistant, the device should not be dropped, hit on hard objects or submerged in water.

What brand is this watch?

Vigilint Smartwatch Phone.

What are the dimensions of the watch (excluding the band)?

2.24 in. x 1.18 in. x 0.55 in.

What size wrist does this fit?

Adjustable Silicone Band: 4.5" to 9" Wrist Size.

Will these fit a 2 year olds wrist?

It just depends on size of your child’s wrist.

Is there a safety latch to deter removal?

Not a separate safety latch but the band is designed so it can’t easily be removed. There is a removal sensor alert that alerts you whenever the watch has been removed from your child’s wrist.

Will the battery last all day?

Fully charged the battery can last up to 24 hours depending on use or 72 hours in standby mode.

Are they easy to charge?

Yes. The charging cord is magnetically attachable to each watch. The charger can be plugged in by USB or attached to the enclosed wall converter.

Can 2 parents connect to one child?

Yes this done through the App with the main parent/caregiver adding other parent as a relationship contact.

If I have more than one child with a watch can I send messages to both at same time?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Will this watch work while being international?

No the watch is only for the 50 contiguous U.S. states. However calls can be made from the phone to international numbers (remembering that any calling and minute charges apply.

What are the appropriate ages for this item?

From children to preteen.

For this to work can I place it in my child’s backpack or do they have to wear it?

The watch will continue to track wherever the backpack is. However, it isn’t recommended because it lowers the security level of your child. The child would have to be wearing the backpack at all times to keep your child safe granted the watch was not removed from the backpack. At which point the watch would not be able to alert you as to a situation that may be occurring.

Do you recommend this for seniors as well?

Actually it could work if it was to fit their wrists.

Does the child also need a phone for this to work?

No, the smartwatch has a phone built in. The phone app is required for tracking, settings, and management which should only be done by the parent/caregiver.

Can you change the language on the watch?

No. Note the App will be available in different languages in the future.

Can you change the watch’s phone number?

Yes, but the number change only be changed through customer support. Please email us for availability.

Does watch display Health Functions?

Yes it monitors your child’s steps and any impact to watch that may indicate a fall.

Are the Vigilint watches compatible with Android and iOS systems?

Yes, both iOS 7.0 and Android 6.01 or later.

Watch General Usage Questions

How difficult is watch setup?

It is fairly simple to setup. Knowledge of installing phone apps from iTunes or Google Play Store helps. Detailed instructions are included in the watch manual. If you have any questions please email our customer support.

Does it need earphones to work?


Can you send text messages to or from? Or just calls?

The watch will send text messages to the parent/caregiver for different situations. As an example, when a child pushes the SOS button, the watch will send a text alert including the watch's location to the parent/caregiver's phone. You cannot send text messages to the watch at this time. If you are interested in this feature, please contact customer support.

You say a parent can call the watch and the child can call the parent. Is there a monthly service charge to use it as a phone?

Included in the monthly service plan is a number of minutes allowed. No other plan is needed. For details of the plan, please refer to either the watch specifications tab on the watch's product page or the product page of the Family Assistant Services product.

Will I get alerts on my phone?

Yes, through the Family Assistant App.

Does the App work from an iPad, tablet or PC as well?

The app works on any device that supports iOS or Android. Of course, phone functions or other functions that are not available on those devices do not work.

Can I get alerts on my iPad, tablet or PC?

You get alerts through the App with the limitation described in the previous questions.

How do I find the watch phone number and Setup Numbers if I cannot find the 'Setup Numbers Card'?

At the time of shipment Vigilint logs and maintains a complete list of numbers for each watch. Please email us and a representative will get back to you. Be assured that security procedures have been put into place to protect your privacy. If any questions you can refer to Vigilint’s privacy polices.

Can more than one phone have alerts from one device?

Alerts are sent to the parent/caregiver and Family/Friend Accounts they authorize. For security reasons, a particular account can only be logged in to one device at a time.

What are SOS numbers?

The SOS button allows the child place an emergency alert to the parent/caregiver and 2 others. The SOS numbers are the first 3 numbers in the contact list. You need to chose those in the list with this in mind because they receive these emergency alerts automatically. Through the App you have the ability to change these choices at anytime.

Can your child call other people besides their Moms number?

Every watch has the ability to be loaded with a maximum of 20 phone numbers. These numbers are chosen by the parent/caregiver and entered into the App. The watch is restricted to only these numbers. They can be revised through the App at anytime.

What happens if the child accidentally pressed the SOS button?

The SOS button will work as if it was meant to be pushed. The only way to know if it is truly aa\ SOS call is for you to call your child or if the child calls you.

Does it have tamper indication?

Each watch has a Watch 'Removal Alert Sensor' behind the watch face and an 'Impact Sensor'. The removal sensor determines if the watch was removed and if it has then sends an alert to the parent/caregiver through the App. The impact sensor send an alert if the watch has been dropped, hit or jarred.

Is there a range limitation between App and watch?

Only limitation is that both the parent/caregiver phone and the child’s smartwatch phone MUST be receiving cell service.

Does the watch need a separate cell service subscription?

No. It’s included in the monthly service plan that is included and agreed upon in the cart at checkout

Can kids call their parents phone?

Yes. The child can phone up to 20 different numbers that are preselected by the parent/caregiver.

Family Assistant Services

Cellular Related Services

Does the watch need a cell service subscription?

No,the cellular portion of the services is included in the monthly Family Assistant service plan that is included with your purchase.

Is there a monthly service charge?

There is no extra charges. Charges for the cellular portion of the service are included in the monthly Family Assistant service plan that is included with your purchase.

Can a device be deactivated without canceling my account?

Yes, for security purposes. The watch can only be deactivated by our technical support. Please email us asap if you have any suspicion that your watch has been misplaced, lost or stolen. At which time your watch will be deactivated for use but you still will be responsible for the monthly service fees until the watch is located and reactivated or you determine the watch cannot be located and decide to cancel your service.

Can I use my own SIM card and cellular carrier?

No. The watch is preloaded with a SIM card that allows the Vigilint App to communicate with the watch.

Does the watch phone require a certain cell phone plan or company?

The watch is preloaded with a SIM card that supports the Vigilint Family Assistant Services as the only cell plan to communicate with the watch.

What kind of SIM card does the watch need?

The watch uses a NANO size SIM card. However in order to work the SIM card has to be supplied by Vigilint and requires a valid Family Assistant Services account.

What service (phone carrier) will the watch work with?

The Vigilint Family Assistant Services manages the cellular provider which can change from time to time.

Does this phone require a data plan?

No,the data portion of the services is included in the monthly Family Assistant service plan that is included with your purchase.

I have ATT iPhones. I want these for my young kids. Can I just purchase and use or do I have to have something else?

All you need is your iPhone and to purchase a Vigilint watch and agree to the monthly Family Assistant Service plan fee.

Do you have to add a line to your service?

No you do not need to add a line, the watches have a preloaded SIM card that is connected to the Family Assistant Services monthly service plan which provides the phone line.

Does the SIM card go in watch or I-phone 6?

The SIM card is for the watch and is pre-installed in the watch. All you need to do to your phone is download the Family Assistant App.

How do you get the SIM card for this watch? I guess I am confused yet very interested?

Required is the monthly service plan that is included with your purchase

Does the watch require a monthly plan for the child to communicate with parent?

Yes. In order for the watch to work Vigilint has made it easy and convenient for you to get started. The SIM card is preinstalled and the monthly service fee is agreed to and included at checkout.

Does this only work over wifi?

No. The watch has location tracking with GSM(LBS), GPS, A-GPS, WiFi and phone service via SIM card/service provider.

Family Assistant Phone App

What App do you use with this?

Vigilint Family Assistant App located in the iTunes and Google stores.

Where do I download App from?

Depending on the type of phone either iTunes or Google Store.

How do I download the App?

Once you are in your App Store find Vigilint Family Assistant App tap and follow the instructions.

Can 2 watches be used with 1 parent App?

Yes, multiple watches (up to 8) can be tracked and used by one App.

If I purchase one watch now and then another later will they still be connected through the same App?

Yes. A new Vigilint watch can be added at any time.

Without a SIM card, is it still trackable by parent’s App? What features are and are not available without a SIM card?

No. Included with the Vigilint smartwatch phone is a preinstalled SIM card that is required for all functions to work.

I noticed there is a step tracking aspect to this phone. Does this mean it will track the number of steps the child takes each day?

Yes. The watch tracks the number of steps on a daily basis and through the App you can view a history log.

Does the App work from an iPad as well?

The App’s watch functions will work but not any of the phone functions.

Warranty & Returns

If the watch doesn’t work properly with my carrier how many days do I have to return it and where can I find the info for the return?

The watch doesn’t require that it work with your carrier. It has its own individual service that is provided through the watch’s monthly service plan.

Can I return the device?

Yes. For complete information and instructions see the warranty and return link at the bottom of page.

What is the warranty for the watch?

Please see the warranty link at bottom of page for the complete warranty.

Warranty is for how long?

12 months.

If I purchase more than 1 watch and find that one or more doesn’t work do I have to return all of them?

No. If this occurs please email our customer support and they will get back to you with the information needed for your return.

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