When kids start Kindergarten and throughout elementary school they are learning at ever rapid speed.

The larger their vocabulary the better they understand and grasp concepts. 

Therefore, reading and experiencing new situations, concepts, ideas is their favorite past time.  The average child learns between10 and 20 new words each day during this time of their life.  They not only learn the word but also the associated concepts.

Reading books that emphasize concepts will foster their learning.  They love to learn why the sky is blue, the grass is green, the fire truck is so loud, why birds eat worms, and they to recognize colors, learn to count, add and subtract, and so much more.

Their vocabulary grows from around 3 thousand words when they enter school to about 30,000 words. By  the time kids they finish 4th grade.  They will go from recognizing letters, sounds, and rhymes to reading entire 120 to 200-pages long books.  Many kids will discover their life long interests during these years.

Parents who bring their kids along to work, real life situation, take them to the forest, museums, restaurants, and plays or movies really help foster their kids’ interest in learning and reading about  any number of topics.


It is a wonderful time of a child’s life where they unfold and learn about the world.  Full of curiosity they are open to what life has to offer.  All of what life has to offer.  This is the time when parents who are fully engaged with their children provide a strong foundation for their children.  Thankfully, now even busy parents can stay engaged with their kids, answer questions, discuss the world with their kids via smartwatches.