Let your children educate you about topics they learned in school over a nice meal

One of the best way to improve recall is to explain something we learned to someone else. This is true for children as well.

Einstein is quoted to have said: "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't know your topic."

When parents show interest in a child's knowledge, they validate them and their interest in learning. Our interest level directly relates to how wonderful they feel about gaining knowledge and understanding. A side benefit of course is that we get to learn along-side them. We can relearn all the capital of each state, the presiden'ts names, and learn about our solar system. It is fun to explore the topics even further at home together with the childen. We can ask questions and together find answers in the Encyclopedia and, of course, online. This in turn will allow the children to share their additional knowledge with other kids and the teachers, creating a virtuous circle of learning.

Instant positive feedback experienced daily over a family meal has many benefits. Kids feel valued, they are genuinely engaging and interesting, and their self confidence grows in return. Additionally, if they have trouble in a specific class, learning about it in casual conversation allows parents to provide assistance in a natural way. This is much better than waiting until a report card comes home, when it is too late to do anything about it.

Additionally, parents will know what topics their children are interested in and which topics need a little extra help in gaining their enthusiasm. This allows parents to choose positive afternoon activities, a trip to a museum, visit to a lecture, a film that sheds more light on the topic.

My using the education in everyday life, discussing it, expounding on it, education moves from the class room into the real world. This allows parents to provide real life examples and brings education to life.

On the few occasions join them for dinner you can discuss their day via our family app and Vigilints kids smartwatches.