When we listen to music we influence ourselves. When our kids listen to music they literally influence the way they think, feel and interact with the world. The attitudes reflected in songs influence the attitudes the child will live by.

One wonderful afternoon activity for children and parents is to discuss the child's favorite music. By pro-actively listening to a new popular song together the parent will be more in tune with the culture their children grow up with. By discussing what the child likes about a particular song, you will make the child actively aware as to what they put into their brain and heart.  

You also end up learning a lot more about your child's life. What friends they have, how they are treated by others, their aspirations, dreams and fears. It is a wonderful way to bond and get to now eacho other better.  

Learning to describe what they enjoy about a song and the song's lyrics builds self awareness and improves mutual respect. It also builds their emotional vocabulary and they will become aware sooner how a situation or person makes them feel. They learn to evaluate whether they feel empowered, respected or if something actually brings their mood down. Together you express your feelings in a relaxed atmosphere. Emotionally literate people outearn their peers. This fun afternoon activity will be fun and positive now and it will help your kids in the future. And, most of all it is great fun!

To get started you may want to watch this Youtube show with them so they get the idea of what you have in mind. Then make the conversation your own. By discussing both the lyrics and the sound with your child you will be able to stay in touch with their emotional development.