Communicate, Encourage and Safeguard Your Children Always

“The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering.”

-Dr Benjamin Spock

The Vigilintsâ„¢ Family Assistant is your own parental assistant using smart watch data (GPS, steps, etc.), your mobile phone, the internet and crowd data.

Parents can now use advanced software to help them monitor their children through smartwatches. They can use the parental controlled phone calling and emojis to improve family communications. They can monitor their child's location via GPS positioning. Parents get 'actionable alerts' to the everyday and emergency situations it detects. Know where your children are, if they are somwhere they shouldn't be or if they need help. The Vigilintsâ„¢ system consists of:

    a monthly service providing parents cell service, data collection & processing, GPS and alerts from the cloud.
    digital watches with parental controlled phones, sensors, communications and UI for kid's apps.
    with parent dashboard for child location, safety alerts and family coordination (iOS/Android).

Vigilintsâ„¢ provides a complete product with pre-installed phone SIM and no contract Voice/Data/Text service, allowing parents and child to focus on their interaction and not technology.

Family Assistant digram with kids smartwatch phone, cloud service and GPS kids tracker app

The Vigilintsâ„¢ Family Assistant service is constantly expanding, adding family touch points including online school portals, church information, sport league information and all child activities.

System Details & FAQs

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