Join your PTA and forge a group of parents who take turns to monitor class rooms regularly

Teamwork is best. Our children's mind, emotions and world view are shaped by parents and by their peers. For this reason their experience in pre-school, elementary school, middle and high school shapes them as much as our parenting skills. Another major influencer is media.

One way to have the best impact on schools is to gather other engaged parents and form a strong PTA. Pull togther a volunteer group of concerned parents that monitoring class rooms on a regular basis.

Take turns with other parents to monitor classrooms several things may happen. You will identify areas in which your teachers need assistance. You may identify teachers who do a magnificient job teaching kids and rewarding healthy behaviors. You may find teachers who are not in charge of the class room who need assistance from the parents of the little trouble makers.

While some teachers welcome being monitored to gain the confidence and support of the parents, there may be some who feel offended. It is important for the schools' culture that parents and teachers work closely together. One side benefit is that teachers that win the approval of the parents can be supported, whereas teachers who are not equipped to teach the kids, or who have cultural values that vastly differ from those of the parents can be coached better.

By taking turns other parents it is not an overwhelming task and it makes a huge difference for the atmosphere in the school. Your children will feel valued and their point of views is valued by being verified. Good teachers will greatly benefit and it is best for kids when terrible teachers are given an opportunity to move on to a community that is a better fit.

When you can't be in touch with our kids inside the classroom you can allow your children stay in touch with them via the listen in function of our family app and Vigilints kids smartwatches.