Entertaining kids is a wonderful way to allow them to have fun. Kids are very curious and one of the way they enjoy life is by playing. Kids love contests that allow them to show off all the things they already learned.  It is also a wonderful way for parents to share the larger world with their children.  Brainquest games are fantastic for long journeys in the car. They are fun at home as well.  


Brainquest is a game of questions that are specifically geared to the world around us.  The questions are assorted by grade level.  So kids will not be frustrated.  It reinforces what the kids have already learned in their own grade in school.  It also allows them to learn questions and answers to higher level grades.  


Some kids enjoy getting ready for "battle" with older kids and they spend hours going through the questions and answer in preparation for the next time you play them them. It is fun for parents as well, since you will be impressed just how much your kids really know. 


Brain Quest is the brand that says “It’s fun to be smart!” 


You can get great discounts on the game through many of the vendors in our VigilintsHeart Shop Save Donate program.  We hope to point out great games, toys, and savings to you, and then we collect the affiliate fee and donate it to schools. 

When you are away from your precious children you can stay in touch with them digitally and help them deal with the real world by with our family app and Vigilints kids smartwatch