Know Where Your Child Is Without becoming a "Helicopter" Parent

Get Location Updates and Safe Zone Alerts on Your Cell

  • GPS Location Tracking - collects data from GPS, cell tower and WiFi hotspots and updates every 5 minutes.
  • Safe Zone Alerts - create unlimited Safe Zones and be alert when your child enters or exits.
  • Location History - review the last 24 hours of where your child has been.
  • Data Security - we conform with the Child Online Privacy and Protection Act ("COPPA") and California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 to ensure the highest level of data security.

Keep Everyone Informed Regarding Medical Info and Key Situations

Manage info for family, teachers, first responders and others

Content to Manage and Help Your Child's Growth while Having Fun!

Age appropriate content continually updated

  • Parental Control - parents select which content is available to their child. Availability can be changed to add more titles or variety.
  • Games - game titles of all types and age levels are available. More titles will be added as expand the service.
  • Learning - learning content and games available including those that improve language and number skills. Children can also learn to speak a second language.
  • Free and Paid Content - titles include both free and paid access.
Family Assistant digram with kids smartwatch phone, cloud service and GPS kids tracker app

Software and services

Advice, Alerts, Shopping and Services for the Needs of Parents and Children