anda 4G Smartwatch for Kids


The anda 4G LTE kids smartwatch phone with the Vigilints Family Assistant monthly service helps parents Communicate, Encourage and Safeguard their children. The combination helps a parent and child communicate, uses GPS to inform parents of the child's location, communicates with family members, and alerts parents to difficult situations. A child can send private symbol messages to parents like "Emergency" (squiggle) or "Come get me now!" (square) etc. Parental controlled games and content can be fun and help them learn math or a new language.

4G LTE Phone: with bundled Voice/Text/Data service
GPS Location Monitoring: GPS, Cell & WiFi with Safe Zones
Private Symbol Communication: I'm OK, Call Me!, injured, etc
Messaging: voice, text, emoji, stickers, drawings
Games/Content: parental controlled, learning & fun

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Family Assistant Services (1st Month Included) *

Product Features

  • Real-Time GPS Location Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing Safe Zones
  • Medical Information Management
  • Private Symbolic Messaging
  • Parent-Child Messaging
    1. Voice & Text
    2. Drawings/Emoji/Stickers
  • Friend Chat Via Bluetooth
  • Parent-Controlled 4G LTE 2-Way Calling
  • One Touch S.O.S. Call
  • Watch Removal Sensor
  • Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • Water Resistant (IP67)
  • Somatic Games
  • Qualcomm Watch Engine

What's Included

  • anda 4G LTE Smart Watch Phone
  • 5-pin Magnetic AC Charger Cable
  • AC/DC Converter
  • T4 Screwdriver
  • Vigilint Family Assistant App*
  • 1st Month Basic Cellular Service**
  • Pre-Installed Phone Sim Card
  • Quick User Guide
  • COPPA & Family Assistant Billing Form
  • Safety Instructions
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  or Google Play App Store
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** 1st Month Fee automatically added
  subscription purchased separately


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