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Vigilints™ is dedicated to using artificial intelligence and technology to help Parents parent and children to grow up healthier and happier. Our technology helps parents monitor, stay connected, be informed and give encouragement to their children (including special needs/Autistic) while providing them with the information to address any situation which arises, resulting in increased peace of mind. It helps children stay connected to parents in a less invasive way, access to age appropriate/special needs content and a healthier digital footprint.

Vigilint Biosensors is a software and services company revolutionizing parenting and child development through our Vigilints™ platform of Parental Assistant software, ViglintsHeart™ community of non-profits, AI/ML predictive situational processing and smartwatches. There are 55M kids (US) where: 1 in 5 (20.8%) are bullied, 1 in 6 have learning issues, 4hr/day are spent in extracurricular activities and they are chauffeured 10k miles/yr. Parents are overwhelmed, spending $10K/yr on care ($10B market).

Our patented parental personal assistant uses artificial intelligence/machine learning to process data collected from smartwatches, people and organizations to anticipate situations requiring “actionable alerts” to family and promotes parent – child communications. Vigilint Biosensors facilitates caring for families and keeping them digitally connected 24/7.

We take data privacy very seriously. We do not aggregate, sell or provide data to any other company. We strictly follow the Federal Trade Commission's COPPA (Child Online Privacy and Protection Agreement) with parent's direct consent. While we cannot totally prevent the possibility of being hacked, all data is encrypted and we provide enterprise level security.

Vigilint Biosensors Incorporated was formed in March 2017 by Kris Narayan recognizing this market need and the associated opportunities. The company has expanded to worldwide operations including India, Europe, and Canada. The company is incorporated in Delaware.

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The Vigilint Biosensor team includes many more resources including both direct and indirect in US, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Canada, and Asia.