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Family Assistant Services


The Vigilint Family Assistant Services is an intelligent internet cloud system which helps you safeguard, communicate and encourage your family. It can locate children, alert you to dangerous situations and coordinate family members.

What are the parts of the Family Assistant?


The Vigilint Family Assistant Services is an intelligent internet cloud system which helps you safeguard, communicate and encourage your family. It can locate children, alert you to dangerous situations and coordinate family members.

Smartwatch Phone

In order to assist your family, the Vigilint Family Assistant must be able to collect data and communicate. It uses many devices including your smartphone and smartwatch phones, such as our hawkeye. A smartwatch phone has GPS to locate your child, pre-installed sim card with full cell service (see 'Services' below) for voice conversations and much more. Learn more.

Family Assistant App

The Family Assistant App for your smartphone (iOS or Android) is the coordinating point. A parent or caregiver uses it to receive alerts, send voice messages to your child, coordinate with other family members and manage/communicate with your smartwatches. It can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play Store (see 'Getting Started' below).



The core of the Vigilint Family Assistant is a suite of monthly services (no contracts or long term commitment) which helps you safeguard, communicate and encourage your family. Below is a sample of these services.

GPS & Location Services

The watch's location is determined in a safe and reliable way via a combination of satellite positioning (GPS), identifying nearby WIFI hot spots, pinging a signal off cell towers and/or accessing the network operator database. The service can provide updates to the mobile app from once every minute to every 30 minutes. Data is stored so you can review later.

Family Info & Alerts

You can provide the Vigilint Family Assistant all types of data regarding school schedules, family contact information, recurring locations where your child attends (school, church, etc.) and much more. This data is entirely controlled by you and is bound by our strict privacy policies.

Voice & Data Services

Smartwatch phones from Vigilint come with pre-installed sim cards and cellular voice/data services bundled with the overall monthly Family Assistant Services (no contracts or long term commitment). The service includes a combination of 250 minutes of domestic and international calling (no roaming) or 250MB data.

Games and Content


Games for the watch can be a key learning tool for intellectual, physical, and emotional well being. Vigilint provides these types of games to the parent/caregiver who determines which are appropriate for their child. As watch capabilities vary, not all games are available on all watches.


Content (stories, images, audio, video, etc.) for the watch can be a key learning tool for not only a child's intellect but also their physical and emotional well being. Vigilint provides this type of content to the parent/caregiver who determines which are appropriate for their child. As watch capabilities vary, not all content is available on all watches.

How does Family Assistant Services work?

After you purchase a smartwatch phone and the Family Assistant Service, you will register an account and proceed to 'link' the watch to that account (see Accounts, Watches & Family Members). This account on our internet servers will initiate collection of data from the smartwatch and the Family Assistant App on your phone. The data is stored on Vigilint servers in the cloud and then communicated based on our strict privacy rules and to those persons you chose for Vigilint to communicate with.

Accounts, Watches & Family Members

Caregiver & Family Member Accounts

The first account created and linked to the smart watch phone is the parent/caregiver (admin) account. This admin account manages the access of all other users. Now the second account type, family/friend relationships may register and be connected to the parent/caregiver to receive information and coordination. The third account type combines the watch wearer's (child) and the watch's information together and accessed via the device settings in the mobile app.

Linking Watches to Accounts

Vigilint smartwatch phones are 'linked' to an account via the Family Assistant App via the registration process (see 'Setup and Registration' under 'Getting Started'). After the parent/caregiver is linked to a watch then another family member or friend can follow the same process and they will be become a 'relationship' account under control of the parent/caregiver.

Getting Started

Unpack & Setup Watches

When unpacking a new watch for the first time, please check the contents versus what is listed on the side of the package. If anything is missing, please contact Vigilint Support immediately. Everything required to use the smartwatch phone is included, but you may want to explore any accessories you may want in our store. Before the next steps, you should charge the watch by plugging the magnetic watch charging cable into the watch and a standard USB AC charger.

Download & Install App

A parent/caregiver uses the Family Assistant App to receive alerts, send voice messages and manage your smartwatch phones. The App can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play Store. To find the app in the stores. (1) Go to the store and search on 'Vigilint Family Assistant' or (2) Scan QR Code in store or (3) Go URL listed in store.

To access the App details in the store, click on 'Shop', then 'Vigilint Family Assistant' under 'Services and APPs'. Scroll down to 'Vigilint Family Assistant Mobile App' and click. To access the app stores you can either scan the QR code image or copy the URLs into your phone's browser .

Sign Up and Registration

After unpacking the smartwatch phone, charging the battery and installing the app, you need to 'Sign Up' or register. This will consist of two stages. First, you will enter your information and create the parent/caregiver(admin) account. Second, you will enter watch information and the information of the watch wearer (your child) and 'link' (see 'Accounts, Watches and Family Members') the watch to your account. Detailed instructions for the hawkeye product is in the User Guide. click here to access.

Settings & Alerts

Through the Mobile App you have full control of a smartwatch phone and the services you are using. To set user and services information tap on the 'cloud' icon in the upper left of the main screen/map that appears when you first start the app. To set device and wearer functions, tap on the 'gear' icon in the upper right of the main screen/map. For detailed instructions please click to refer to the complete Family Assistant Mobile App User Manual.


Watch Display is Blank

Verify watch is ‘ON’ by pressing the bottom left button for 3 seconds. Confirm watch battery is charged. Plug cable and wall plug. Display should come on. If still completely not responsive, please contact Vigilint Support.

Calls Do Not Go Through

Verify the watch is located where cellular network coverage exists. Swipe touchscreen to unlock and view home screen network icon to see signal strength. If more than one watch connected, confirm the watch you wish to call is selected by tapping the down arrow at the top center and selecting the correct watch. Check phone number on app with the number on the 'Setup Numbers Card'.

Watch Not Online

Verify the watch is located where cellular network coverage exists. Swipe touchscreen to unlock and view home screen data icon, ↑↓ to see  if data signal is available.  If you believe you should have data signal or problem persists, please contact Vigilint Support.

Functional Issues


Battery life short

Use charger to verify battery can be charged. Battery life can be affected by operational settings. You can baseline operational life by turning off all alerts and location update. This should provide the least drain on the battery. Or to understand how to optimize you can change the 'Location Update Rate' (the lower the update rate, the less drain on the battery). You can also adjust the 'Power Saving Mode' through the 'Device Settings' area of the app.

Time is incorrect

Go to 'Device Settings' in the app and tap 'Time Calibrate'. This should reset the time.

Location data incorrect or missing

If you are unsure the location data is correct, the first thing you should do is verify if watch is online. If it is online and you have access to the watch, you should determine the method the watch is using to get the location. Next to the location on the Main Screen (Map) there is a white icon. If you tap on that icon, it will show a page that describes the methods and their accuracy.


Excessive ‘Impact’ alerts

Impact alerts occur when watch is dropped or impacted. Verify activity level of child and the conditions that may make the watch be hit or jarred (could be due to sports or exercise etc.). If daily activity causes excess, decrease sensitivity from app in ‘Device Settings’. You may need to repeat a few times to finally select the right level.


Not getting watch removed alerts

Verify in the app (under 'Device Settings') that the 'watch removal alarm' is 'ON'. Tap to change. If it is ON, you can verify by putting finger over the sensor (on back of watch). Once it is removed, you should get an alert.

hawkeye Smartwatch

What does it do?

Hawkeye is a smartwatch phone which targets children and their parent/caregiver. It has GPS, WiFi and cellular capabilities to monitor watch location in real time and most environments. It uses cellular for parent controlled voice calling, voice messaging and silent "listening". It has sensors to monitor many of your child's activities such as walking, falling and watch tampering. Finally, it supports parent approved watch apps.

Can I have more than one?

There is no limit on the amount you can purchase. A parent/caregiver account, which is set up for a core family, supports up to 8 watches as a unit.

Is it reliable?

While this product is for children, it is NOT A TOY. It brings advanced technology locate, communicate and encourage your children. Effectiveness of the technology does vary based upon many factors including GPS signal availability, cellular signal availability, time of year, etc. We are continually improving the technology and the software processing of the signals we recieve.

Does it need a phone app?

Yes, an app is required. The main interface to the watch and center of communications is the Family Assistant Mobile App. The Family Assistant phone app is compatible with all android phones (OS 6.0 and above) and all Apple Phones (iOS 9 and above)

Family Assistant App

What is it?

The Family Assistant Mobile App is the controller and access program for all of the components of the Vigilint Family Assistant Suite of Services. It receives and manages alerts, connections to family members and watch features.

Major Components

Main Screen (Map)

The Main Screen is the area to quickly glance at a device's current location and to start the functions you want to use. This screen includes an interactive map with the watch's current location which is updated regularly. You can also update it immediately.

Main Function Menu

Expand/Collapse Menu

The Main Function Menu is a slider on the Main Screen for convenient access. It is collapsed on start to have a full view of the map. To expand the menu tap on the '+' on the bottom of the screen. This should cause the menu to slide up from the bottom. To hide the menu again tap the '-' on the top of the menu.

Safe Zones & Tracking History

By tapping on the 'Safe Zones' button from this menu you can create and delete Safe Zones. After tapping, drag map to a location. Tap ‘Edit’. Using finger, trace a box on the map of the area to monitor. Provide name for zone. Save. If you tap the 'Track Playback' button from this menu, you can flip through ('Play') the history of where the watch has been.

Call Watch & Listen In

By tapping on the 'Call Watch' button from this menu you can call the watch or send a Voice Message to the watch. After tapping, tap 'Phone Call' to go to the dialer or 'Voice Message' to record a voice message. By tapping 'Listen', you can have the watch call you back in a silent mode so you can listen into whatever is audible to the watch's microphone.

Watch Alerts

By tapping on the 'Watch Alerts' button from this menu you can view a log of the alerts recieved.

Device Settings

GPS & Location Control

The GPS and location controls from the app allow you to turn on/off the tracking, adjust the location update rate (1-30 mins between updates) and adjust tracking method to save battery.

Watch Contacts & Numbers

The watch can only call contacts (up to 20) who have been added by the parent/caregiver through the app (it downloads them to the watch). Through the app you can turn calling on/off, suspend calling during assigned times (like school class, etc.) and manage watch wearer's details.

Time, Quiet & Watch Controls

Other watch device controls that are accessed from the app include setting date/time, turn watch removal sensor on/off and control times the watch is in sleep mode.

Add/Select Devices

Up to 8 watches can be linked and controlled from a Family Assistant App. From the Main Screen you can add and configure a watch.

Cloud/User Settings

User & Family Information

Control your information (nickname, email etc.), family members info, password and access app/support info.

Other Controls

You also can control system level controls such as alert type, anti-lost device finder, watch impact sensor and pedometer.

How does it work?

The smartwatch phones connect to GPS satellites, WiFi and cell towers for location detection and tracking. It also connects to our bundled voice/data cellular network to provide calling and texting. In addition, data is transferred to our servers in the internet cloud. The Family Assistant Services internet server connects to the Family Assistant Mobile App, the watches and the alert communication network to process and communicate data to the parent/caregivers, family and friends.

Alerts & Notifications

Location Alerts

The Family Assistant Services creates and sends many location based alerts, including exiting Safe Zones, location alerts based upon a particular place/time and proximity alerts for nearby tracking.

Tamper Alerts

The Family Assistant Services creates and sends many anti-tampering alerts, including if watch was removed, if watch has been hit or jarred and if watch has been lost (Bluetooth tracking).

System Alerts

The Family Assistant Services creates and sends many system related alerts, including low battery power, watch offline and other system indicators.

Vigilint Support

Product Manuals

Watches & Devices

hawkeye User Guide

The hawkeye User Guide is included with the watch. It is a short guide to the watch functions, registration, initial setup and using the Family Services App. To access hawkeye User Guide online click here.

respek User Guide


Family Assistant App

User Manual

The hawkeye User Guide is included with the watch. It is a short guide to the watch functions, registration, initial setup and using the Family Services App. To access hawkeye User Guide online click here.

Warranty & Returns

The Vigilint Limited Product Warranty is included with the complete terms and conditions. To access the Vigilint Limited Product Warranty online click here

To access the Vigilint Returns Policy online click here.

Contact Support

Email Support (Preferred)

Contact customer support and technical assistance via email at Please include a detailed description of your question, the EMEI number of your device and your best method of return contact. If this is a technical question, please also include: App version, type of cell phone and cell operating system including version. A support case will be created and an agent will contact you.

Phone Support

COMING SOON - We are sorry our phone support is not available at this time. Please contact via email until such time as phone support is available. Please return here for any future updates. Thank you.

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