Family Assistant Services: Re-Activate No Plan (Internal)


Re-activate your Vigilint Family Assistant Service  monthly subscription if it has been interrupted, lapsed or to use with a used watch. Not required for new purchases since service should've automatically have been activated when the smart watch was bought. Family Assistant Services must be activated for normal use, including the phone, the location (GPS), internet and other communication services with your smartwatch phone. 

To re-activate the service, a new SIM card (which you will have to install) will be shipped to you. Installation instructions, COPPA consent, and recurring billing consent will be included in the box. You will also have sign up and pay for the initial period of the service after the re-activation. The follow on recurring billing is selected via the enclosed COPPA form which is required to be returned within 5 days of purchase to maintain the service beyond the initial period.

Should you have any questions regarding this please contact customer support prior to purchase.

If you had the service previously, you will not be able to keep your original phone number. 

The Vigilint Family Assistant Services help you safeguard, communicate and encourage your family. Family Assistant Services is the best family-oriented solution for monitoring your child's location, communicating with the whole family and responding to difficult situations.

Family Assistant Services must be activated to use the calling, location (GPS), internet and communication services with your watch phone.

Vigilint Family Assistant Services are a collection of internet cloud services which collect data from devices, processes this data to evaluate any situation and communicates to the right people (based upon user preferences). It consists of the following:

  • Bundled Cellular Voice(250min)/Text(250)/Data(250MB) services.
  • GPS & Location Services
  • Family Info & Cloud Alert Processing
  • Games and Content
  • Apple iOS and Android mobile phone app.

Please select the appropriate plan below.

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Product Features

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing Safe Zone
  • Voice Messaging
  • Friend Chat Via Bluetooth
  • Fall Detection
  • Touch Screen
  • School Schedule Reminders
  • Vigilint Family Assistant App
  • Parent Controlled Two Way Calling
  • One Touch S.O.S. Call
  • Listen in Calling
  • Watch Removal Sensor
  • Pedometer
  • Water Resistant
  • Somatic Games
  • Abardeen Watch Engine

Not Available


Item Spec
Location Tech. GSM, GPS, AGPS, Ublox 7, WiFi
Control Buttons 4 - On/Off, SOS, 2 Calling
Sensors Gyro, Accel, Removal, Steps
Cellular/WiFi/BT GSM (2G), 802.11n, 4.0
Calling 2-Way, Listen In
Display Type OLED Color Touchscreen
Display Pixels/Size 96x64, 0.96" sq
Clock 24Hr Digital
Battery Voltage/Size 3.7V, 450mAH
Battery Life up to 24Hrs, 72Hrs max(standby)
Water Resistance Yes - IP65
Adjustable Silicone Band Yes, 4.5"-9" Wrist Size
Warranty 12 months
SIM Card Pre-Installed (nano)
Minutes/Texts/Data mix of 250/250/250
Overage Charges Yes
International Calling Yes at international rates
International Roaming Not Supported
Carrier T-Mobile
Cancellation Fee None
Item Spec
Access Control Parent, Family, Friends
SOS Phone Tree Rollover to 3 contacts
Watches Controlled up to 8 watches
Location Monitoring Safe Zones, 1-30min updates
Location History Yes
Alerts Zones, Removal, Battery, Nearby, Fall, Impact
Watch Calling Contacts up to 20 (Parent Controlled)
Listen In Calling silent callback and listening
Send Voice Message Yes
Watch Calling Contacts up to 20
Find Lost Watch Yes (Bluetooth)
Watch Control Mute, Sleep, Time Adjust, Quiet
Games Somatic Coordination Games
Operating System iOS 10 & Android 6.01 or later
$7.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)