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Bullying, school safety issues, unfiltered information from internet technologies, and social media pressures  have increased need for more vigilance (" Vigilints™ ") by parents, caregivers and family members. Vigilint Biosensors arose from two concerned parent technologists who saw how a software service combined with wearable sensors could help. The "Internet of Everything", propelled by advances in GPS/Medical Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, "Big Data Analysis" and tech-savvy millennial parents who look for their smartphone for everything, is creating the perfect storm for an intelligent 'parental assistant'. Based upon these factors we believe we have created a cloud infrastructure of devices and software services which address this market need. Thus:

Vigilint Biosensors is dedicated to improving the quality of care that parents and senior caregivers can provide through a complete 360o intelligent family care assistant which connects family members together with contextual data from wearable devices

Vigilint Biosensors Incorporated was formed in mid-2016 (formerly Khloris Biosensors) by Kris Narayan and Jodie Hughes recognizing the opportunity based on the trends mentioned above. The company has expanded to worldwide operations including India, Russia and Canada. The company is currently incorporated in Delaware.

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The Vigilint Biosensor team includes many more resources including both direct and indirect in Russia, Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom.